Paradoxes: Episode I – Inaugural Exhibition of Gallery Psypedia


Gallery Psypedia is pleased to present the Inaugural Joint Exhibition - Paradoxes: Episode I – the “Being” - the first version of a series of group exhibitions featuring new and established Hong Kong artists. The concept of Paradox has a long history across cultures and disciplines, which enfolds the ambiguity and absurdity in different daily life events - immediate as constructing oxymoronic phrases in a conversation, or sophisticated as the philosophical and psychological debate of rationality versus emotion in human behavior.



The first edition of the exhibition series features three Hong Kong young artists who are dedicated to disclose the paradoxical happenings related to their self-identities and existence - the “being”, which triggered their thought-provoking gestures in art. Ranging from paintings to photography, be it unconsciously conscious, sanely insane, unreasonably reasonable, or rationally irrational, the artists speculate their surroundings with self-contradiction and absurdity, in hope of reaching a closest truth with the inherent antagony of human conditions in our time. 


Gallery Psypedia 呈獻⾸首個展覽「似⾮而是」


Gallery Psypedia於2013成立,由藝術家梁家儀(前精神科護士)及左思賦醫⽣生(現任精神科醫⽣及業餘攝影師),致⼒宣揚精神健康,同時提供⼀個平台讓新晉及知名藝術家探索精神健康與藝術創作的關係。Gallery Psypedia的畫廊空間今年正式在賽⾺會創意藝術中心(JCCAC)開幕並舉辦首個展覽《似⾮而是》,展出三位⻘年藝術家區碩茵,雷康寧及梁家儀的視覺藝術作品,作品揭⽰他們探索身份與存在時所引發的種種⽭盾--區碩茵的攝影作品《已無字》表現科技發展下現代⼈情感表達的矛盾;雷康寧的木板自畫像及雕塑則揭露她對⾃我及存在的各種尋索;⽽梁家儀的工筆畫則描繪了肥胖表象下的空虛感。是次展覽將於2014年1⽉10日開幕,屆時左思賦醫生將會主持題為 「藝術與健康」的講座,以不⼀樣的角度講述藝術的價值。 

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